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Buying quartz sand color sorter?


                                        Buying quartz sand sorter?

In 2009, the world economic situation, the international financial crisis continued signs of danger appearing everywhere, spreading, piezoelectric quartz industry impact. In the face of severe and complicated economic situation, industry adjust development strategy, adjust product structure, and achieved remarkable results. Piezoelectric quartz industry has experienced the most difficult period of the financial crisis, and is gradually out of the trough, on the road to recovery, but the international trade protectionism is still in effect, after the crisis Chinese piezoelectric quartz industry, should change the direction of development, the capacity to change growth quality, variety, size and benefit.

Quartz sand as the core material of silicon material plays an irreplaceable role in the silicon material in the production of quartz sand, high purity quartz sand value difference and low purity is very large,. Before mainly through manual selection, magnetic separation, flotation. Artificial selection of quartz sand in black, yellow and other impurities, time-consuming, low efficiency, due to individual uncertainty, the quality is difficult to control. After magnetic separation and flotation, there is still a small amount of impurities. In order to solve these problems, the quartz sand photoelectric color sorter came into being. The principle of the quartz sand color sorter is to scan the material on the conveyor belt dynamically by CCD sensor. The output signal of CCD is adjusted by image digital converter and A/D converted. The converted image data is processed and controlled by FPGA at high speed. Servo systems and actuators eliminate impurities. All the impurities in quartz sand can be separated by photoelectric quartz sand color separator. The purity is as high as 99.99%. It completely replaces the previous manual separation, magnetic separation and flotation. It not only saves the cost but also creates benefits.

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