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China's non-metallic mineral industry needs to break through upgrade


Compared with the metal mining industry, China's Non-metallic mineral industry lineup is relatively large, and sometimes with other industries overlap. What do you think is the specific category of non-metallic mineral and mineral materials in China?

Non-metallic minerals are all kinds of mineral resources that are not mined for the purpose of refining metals, which belong to the category of resources, including more than 80 kinds of minerals. The bulk minerals include: graphite, quartz, kaolin, calcium carbonate, talc, feldspar, Mica, fluorite, magnesite, Wollastonite, bentonite, diatomite, dolomite, barite, perlite, gypsum, asbestos and other more than 10 kinds of minerals.

Special functional mineral species mainly include: Zeolite, Tourmaline, Sepiolite, Attapulgite, Brucite, Stone, illite, Eamon clay and so on. Mineral materials generally refer to all kinds of materials which are prepared under the precondition of not destroying the crystal structure of non-metallic minerals, including powders and types. In recent years, with the progress of technology and the development of national economy, new mineral materials emerge endlessly, and the non-metallic mineral industry extends from the resources industry to the new material industry, and its value is multiplied and exponentially several levels.

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