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Comprehensive utilization of tailings ushered in spring


November 29, the Ministry of Land and Resources convened the National Mineral Resources Planning (2016-2020) press conference. In response to a reporter's question, the relevant person said the overall objective of the 2020 is to establish a safe, stable and economical resource guarantee system, basically to form a green mining development model that is efficient, environmentally friendly, and harmonious, and to build a modern mining market system which is unified, open, competitive and dynamic, Significantly enhance the quality and efficiency of mining development, and create a new pattern of resource security and mining development.

It includes five aspects:

First, the Domestic Resources Guarantee Foundation further tamping. The breakthrough action of prospecting has achieved new results and formed a group of important strategic continuation areas of mineral resources. The important mineral resources reserves maintain steady growth, and strive for new discovery 5~8 billion ton grade oil field and 5~10 of hundreds of billions of square gas field, new discovery and evaluation of large and medium-sized mineral land 300~400 place. The oil storage and production ratio remained above 12, and the natural gas storage and production ratio reached 30.

Second, the supply of mineral resources to maintain security and stability. Construction of 103 energy resources base, the delineation of 267 national planning mining areas, iron, copper, bauxite, potash and other strategic mineral resources in the domestic security supply capacity has been consolidated. 28 mining areas with important value to the national economy are delineated to strengthen the protection and reserve of important minerals.

Third, the resource environment protection and the reasonable utilization level have obviously improved. The development and utilization of the layout are further optimized, the scale of mine intensification is obviously increased and the proportion of large and medium-sized mines exceeds 12%. The level of economy and comprehensive utilization increased significantly, and the main mineral resources yield increased by 15%. The environmental impact of mineral resources development is effectively controlled, the ecological environment in the development area is not degraded and the environmental quality is not decreased.

The mine geologic environment is effectively protected and promptly governed, and the restoration task of 500,000 hectares of historical mine geological environment is completed. Four is the international cooperation in mining to create a new situation. With infrastructure construction, international capacity cooperation, cooperation to promote domestic and foreign oil, iron, copper, bauxite, potash and other large-scale mineral exploration and development. We should cultivate a group of large multinational mining groups with international competitiveness, improve the international cooperation platform and service guarantee mechanism of mining industry, and form a global mining cooperation system which is suitable for China's economic development.

Five is the comprehensive promotion of the ability of mining innovation and development. The orderly liberalization of oil and gas exploration and development market, further expand the scope of competitive transfer of mining rights, a large decentralization of mining rights approval authority, the establishment of mineral resources National Equity and gold system, and improve the mining rights of the credit constraints supervision system. The modern market system such as mining capital market and mining right transaction market is more perfect. The legal and regulatory system of mineral resources is more perfect, and the modernization of mineral resources management system and management ability has made great progress. Ore separation technology significantly improved, compared to the previous flotation magnetic separation, color selection more popular and can be large-scale standardization of use, its famous photoelectric ore color separator industry leaders. New breakthroughs have been made in scientific and technological innovation of resource development.

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