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Detailed explanation of How to choose powder ore color sorter


In the past two years, under the high pressure of environmental protection policy, many mining enterprises have been in the white-hot stage, only the ore products for deep processing, finishing, to seek a breakthrough in quality is the way out. In such a premise, the powder ore color sorter emerged. In the market most of the powder ore color separator is a slip-groove structure, because of its simple structure, small footprint and low cost, it is widely used in 26-120-mesh color sorting, but in the actual operation process often produces various problems, this period we will be from the four systems to simple analysis of how to choose the powder ore color sorter.

First, the feeding system

The feeding system is mainly composed of three parts, hopper, vibrator and chute. The most important part is the choice of chute, now on the market most of the chute color selector or the use of hard aluminum alloy materials to make chute. In the case of quartz sand, which is widely used in the market, The mo hardness of quartz sand is 7-7.2, while the hardness of the hard aluminum alloy is calculated by the formula of 5.8-6.0, quartz sand through the hopper and vibrator to form a continuous linear arrangement, through the chute, the inevitable and hard aluminum alloy chute produced mechanical friction between the effect, because the hardness of quartz sand than hard aluminum alloy, subject to the passing amount of Large friction, the inevitable wear and tear of hard aluminum alloy, chute wear, the surface is no longer smooth, there are many burrs, quartz sand in the chute through the inevitable collision of the burr surface, thereby altering the whereabouts of the track, resulting in the sorting system error processing signal, resulting in the production of false blow. Now on the market using hard aluminum alloy material to make chute ore color separator in the actual production, at the beginning can be once again, two times sorting will be different color particles processing clean, and after three days run, usually color selection four or five times can not meet the requirements, and then only open the machine to replace the chute, caused a tens of thousands of yuan replacement costs and open the machine caused by the internal components of dust pollution, improve the cost of use. Everyone in the choice of chute powder ore color selection machine must ask the manufacturer chute is what material made, can ensure that the chute wear within the controllable range, reduce the frequency of replacement of the chute, improve the service life of color picker, has been achieved to improve production efficiency.

Second, photoelectric system

The photoelectric system consists of a light source, a background panel and a sensor. Light and camera is the color of the ' robot ' eyes, the higher the resolution of the camera, the more accurate the judgement of the material, in the electronic control system allows the premise, the higher the accuracy of color selection. So everyone in the selection of powder ore color selector can ask the manufacturer's camera resolution and the use of light source.

Third, the electronic control system

The electronic control system is composed of signal conditioning components, sequential components and microcomputer control devices. Electronic control system is the color of the "robot" brain, is responsible for the eyes to see the material situation Unified analysis of the conversion, issued instructions to select the system for accurate sorting. Software system is the key to determine the throughput of color separator, the software running speed is not enough, the processing speed is not up to, will result in the accuracy of the output reduction or increase the production accuracy of substandard problems. Everyone in the selection of powder ore color Select machine to ask whether the software is independent research and development, the experimental analysis to see the running accuracy and speed up to not meet the requirements of their own materials.

Four, the separation system

The sorting system is mainly composed of finished products, defective slots, spray valves and gas sources. Sorting system is the color of the ‘robot’ hands, after receiving the brain instructions, instructions to the hands (spray valve) to the defective products blown into the defective trough to achieve the separation effect. In the operation of the bulk selection of the powder material, the processing material per second is more than hundreds of thousands of, so the durability and accuracy of the spray valve is very high, durability is not enough will cause a large number of valve damage and improve the operating costs, precision is not enough to cause the material in the process of sorting out more than uncontrollable, resulting in a lot of waste, Increase production costs. Everyone in the choice of powder ore color selection machine to see the spray valve is six in one or nine in one injection valve or single alloy valve, in the mass production process, the valve damage is overloaded, injection valve in the durability, cost considerations and replacement is far less than the alloy valve.

Above only through the color picker itself four systems to explain how to select the powder ore color sorter, in short, to choose a good equipment, must look at the equipment structure, listening to theoretical analysis, doing experimental analysis, to the user to visit the site analysis, I hope everyone can choose to a practical, can bring economic efficiency of the powder ore color sorting machine.

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