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Several factors affecting the effect of ore color sorter


Ore color sorter,separator has been widely used in the separation of mineral industry. Many mining enterprises have seen their peers use color sorter to achieve economic benefits, and found that they also need a color sorter, but they can not meet the desired requirements in the actual production after purchase. Why? In the actual production process, these indicators are integrated. There is a mutual influence and restriction, which must be investigated at the same time.

1, the differentiation of raw materials.

Different raw materials have different requirements for application, so when using ore color separator, we must not only pursue the output of raw materials, but also consider the original material, choose different color separation schemes for unused materials, so that the effect of color sorting can be optimized.

2, flexible adjustment of performance indicators.

According to the requirements of color separation, debugging different performance indicators, the lower the sensitivity, the better when the color separation effect can meet the requirements. Excessive improvement of sensitivity will lead to excessive blowing of solenoid valves into a protective state, which may make the color separation effect worse.

3. Consider the impurity content of raw materials.

When there are few impurities, the interval between the two impurities is large and the reaction time for the system is long. At this time, the speed of conveyor belt can be increased and the output can be increased. Similarly, the higher the initial purity of raw materials, the less impurities, the higher the color separation accuracy.

4, the difference between the color and shade.

The color sorter mainly carries on the color separation to the material according to the material color difference. The normal material and the defective material in the general material must have certain color difference. The smaller the color difference is, the more difficult the color separation is, the worse the performance index is, and the selection rate of the material with different color is also different.

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