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Four key points of color sorter's good results


What is a color sorter?

The color sorter is a device that automatically sorts out the heterogeneous particles in granular materials by using photoelectric detection technology according to the differences of optical properties of materials. The color sorter is mainly composed of feeding system, optical detection system, signal processing system and separation execution system.

Photoelectric color separator is a kind of non-destructive separation equipment used for the quality detection and classification of bulk materials. It is widely used in grain, food, pigments and chemical industries. It is difficult to separate recycled plastic sheets, plastic particles, corn, beans, rice, ore, pepper, pepper, garlic, melon seeds and Portugal. The sorting effect of malignant impurities and special materials such as grape, seed, Chinese medicine, sea rice, shrimp skin, clove fish, glass, metal and homochromic rod is remarkable, reaching the international leading level.

Color selector is not good, we must pay attention to the following aspects.

First, the matters needing attention when installing the machine. Firstly, it can't be installed in the place where the light is strong, and the strong light will affect the effect of the camera; secondly, it should be far away from the place where the magnetic field is strong, the machine is an electronic product, and the magnetic field effect will destroy the components, leading to the damage of the machine; lastly, the machine should be placed in a large and stable place to make the material fall evenly.

Two, the quality of the gas source. The sorting device of color sorter is to use high pressure air to blow the abnormal particles out of the normal track. The quality of the high pressure air will affect the accuracy and the ratio of the color selector. Gas source requires oil-free, water-free, dust-free, dry and stable pressure. Otherwise, it is easy to block the gas path and jet valve, affect the sensitivity of jet valve action, and damage the nozzle.

Three, the impurity content of the material. Generally, the impurity content in the material is not more than the calibration range of the color sorter. Once the impurity content exceeds this standard, the quality of the color sorter will certainly decline.

Four. Maintenance and maintenance of equipment. Clean the feeder and passage regularly, keep the background plate clean and maintain regularly. Otherwise, there will be misoperation due to the pollution of the background plate, which will affect the sorting effect of the color sorter.

These are some of the factors that affect the effect of color sorter. There are many other factors, big or small, which affect the effect, but there are not too many problems. As long as our daily maintenance is good, basically we can meet our needs.

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