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How to maintain the color sorter in a humid area?


How can the color sorter be maintained in a humid area? Let's introduce in detail the specific maintenance knowledge of color sorter in humid areas, I hope Anhui Hefei Mingde Optoelectronic Technology Co.,Ltd color sorter manufacturers can give you some help and role.


(1) the humidity in the southern area is large. It is suggested that customers install two water filters.

(2) Depending on the scene, the user should drain water at least once every two hours, otherwise the life of the machine will be shortened if moisture enters the machine.

(3) every filter in the gas path (including internal machine), check the drainage in time and replace the filter element periodically.

(4) careful maintenance ensures the normal operation of the machine and prolongs the life of the machine.

Warning: When cleaning or changing the parts of the machine, please turn off the power by the switch key, then put the air switch on the side of the main engine in the OFF position, and then clean or change it.

Note: Do not touch the lens of CCD camera, if the setting and adjustment is not correct, it will affect the color selection effect.

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