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Importance of ore color sorter for barite export development


Barite is a non renewable resource and is one of the dominant minerals in China. In order to ensure fair trade and long-term cooperation, both sides of the trade need a fair and independent third party to provide professional quality inspection. At present, most of China's industrial and mining industry has introduced large-scale mining equipment as an important tool to improve production and quality, especially barite industry. In the era of increasingly stringent export requirements, barite sorting equipment is of great importance for its quality improvement. Then, what kind of sorting equipment can meet this requirement -- ore color sorter.

Ore color sorter is a kind of equipment which can automatically sort out different colored particles in particulate materials by photoelectric detection technology according to the difference of optical properties of materials.

Mingde Photoelectric CCD Ore Colour Separator, the world's leading 5.88 million high-definition pixel CCD configuration of the new intelligent color separation equipment, one by one to feed the selected objects for color image acquisition and comparative judgment, precise barite in the different colors, impurities and other automatic sorting out, effectively improve the quality of barite, price immediately doubled . Therefore, barite exports, quality problems will be solved.

Mingde Optoelectronic Ore Color Separator is widely used for quartz, muscovite, biotite, orthoclase, plagioclase, calcite, olivine, pyroxene, hornblende, epidote, chlorite, serpentine, talc, barite, fluorite, apatite, dolomite, topaz, corundum, chalcedony, kaolinite and other minerals. Significant.

To sum up, whether barite or the whole ore field, to improve product quality and output of the first impulse should choose a good ore color separator, in order to make domestic ore with the times. Industrialization, information and intelligence are the indispensable driving force for the development of enterprises nowadays.

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