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Main technical specifications of color sorter


(1) Processing volume

Processing volume is the amount of material that can be processed per hour, and the factors that affect the size of the unit time processing are mainly the speed of the servo system, the maximum speed of the conveyor and the purity of the raw material. The speed of the servo system can quickly send the actuator to the position of the impurity, it can increase the speed of the conveyor belt, increase the processing capacity, conversely, it will reduce the conveyor speed. The Unit time processing amount is proportional to the movement speed of the conveyor belt, the faster the conveyor speed, the greater the output. Unit time processing volume and the proportion of impurities in the raw materials are also related, if the impurities are very small, the greater the interval of two impurities, leaving the servo system reaction time longer, you can increase the speed of the conveyor belt. Meanwhile, the amount of unit time processing is closely related to the accuracy of the required selection.

(2) Color sorting accuracy

Color sorting accuracy refers to the percentage of impurities in the total amount of impurities selected from the raw material. Color sorting accuracy is mainly related to the movement speed of the conveyor belt and the purity of raw materials, conveyor belt movement speed, the adjacent impurities between the longer time, the servo system has enough time to remove impurities, improve color selection accuracy. The higher the initial purity of the raw material, the less the impurity quality, the higher the color selection accuracy. At the same time, the color sorting accuracy is also subject to the design of the servo system, when more than two impurities in the same frame image, can only remove an impurity, color selection accuracy drop, the use of a check structure better than the single selection structure.

(3) Bring out ratio

The ratio of the number of impurities in the waste material selected by the color separator and the number of normal materials. With the ratio of the high and low can be adjusted, mainly rely on regulating the power of the actuator time to complete the adjustment of the ratio. If the set is too high, it will affect the selection rate and processing volume of these two indicators, if the set is too low, the selection of waste materials contained in excess of normal material, will cause waste, if the reprocessing, the need to invest a certain amount of human and material resources, will cause a lot of trouble and economic losses

In the actual production process, the processing quantity, the color sorting precision and brings out the three index is one, is the key index, must examine simultaneously.

(3)The application of color sorter in quartz sand purification

Quartz sand ore, the more pure quartz sand is white or ivory, iron impurities or its gangue mineral color is slightly yellow, light yellow or light brown and gray, quartz sand and iron ore impurities or gangue mineral color difference is the key to color selection.

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