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Material requirements for ore sorter


Mingde photoelectric color sorter is a high-tech photoelectric integrated mechanical equipment which can automatically separate different colored particles in particulate materials according to the color difference of materials. The working principle is that the selected material enters the machine from the top hopper, and through the vibration of the vibrator, the selected material slides along the distribution slot, accelerates its fall into the observation area of the sorting chamber, and passes through the sensor and the background plate. Under the action of the light source, the photoelectric sensor receives the synthetic light from the selected material according to the intensity of the light. And the color change makes the system produce output signal, driving the high frequency valve action will be different colored particles blowing hopper of the waste chamber, and the good selected materials continue to fall into the finished product chamber, so as to achieve the purpose of color selection.

For the sorting material to meet the requirements of solid particles or sheets, materials have obvious color differences, material size to be uniform. The color sorter that meets these requirements can theoretically use the AMETA series of color sorters for coarse cereals. At present, Mingde Optoelectronics has developed a number of color sorters for coarse cereals, and the market reaction is very good. Customers for color sorter materials if there are special requirements can be with Amida manufacturers, manufacturers can according to customer needs for color sorting materials test and development, to meet the needs of material color sorting.

For mineral materials, Mingde photoelectric color separator needs to meet the material color difference, CCD color separator equipment can meet the size of 0.08 square millimeter material color difference for separation, color separation accuracy is very high. Because of the working principle of the color separator at the same time, the size of the ore material should be uniform, and the size, weight should not be too large, overweight, otherwise the solenoid valve can not effectively blow the different color material, resulting in poor color separation effect.

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