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Mineral sorter, sorting all kinds of ores according to color


Mingde Photoelectric Ore Color Separator, according to the different colors, will be sorted according to the color, separation method of environmental protection science.

After the ore is sorted according to different colors, the different colored ores are removed, and the colors and lustres are bright after the sorting. The purity of the ores is improved, and the value is greatly improved, bringing more profit space than imagination for the customers.

The ore color sorter has high output and high net rate, instead of manual selection, to realize automatic production of ore processing.

Suitable range: potassium feldspar, gypsum, cobblestone, talc, phosphate rock, silica, calcite, dolomite, andalusite, fluorite, vermiculite, mica, bentonite, kaolin, barite, feldspar, quartz, cinder and other

The appearance of ore color separator has broken the bottleneck of gravity separation, flotation, magnetic separation, acid washing and other traditional mineral processing. The ore separation method is more scientific and environmentally friendly. High-crystal ore color separator, according to the color of ore separation, efficient separation of a variety of ores, to achieve ore separation "high yield", "high efficiency", "high precision" of the "three high" requirements!

Good products bring good benefits naturally. Mingde Optoelectronic Ore Color Separator, for you to create a new mineral processing mode, so that you quickly one step, seize a new market opportunity!

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