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No longer plagued by how to improve ore quality and how to choose ore color sorter.


In the field of ore, if we want to improve the quality of products, we should choose a good ore sorter. Ore color sorter  is now widely used in the field of ore.  

Hefei Mingde Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional, safe, reliable and professional provider for the global mining enterprises as a whole solution supplier and a mining enterprise operation service provider with professional technical support, professional project management, professional operation service and other ores. Agile, high quality sorting technology and operation service solutions. At the same time, according to the different feeding materials, the products such as particle ore color sorter,, small size mineral sand color sorter, belt type color sorter and other products are developed to meet the processing requirements of different levels of processing customers. With constant innovation, we are committed to serving the spirit of the global mining enterprises and providing the most advanced technical support for the deep processing of mining enterprises.

What is the color sorter?

 It is the use of photoelectric principle, through high resolution sensors, from a large number of scattered materials to separate the individual color, is a combination of light, machine, electricity in a high-tech product. The primary color sorter is widely used in the grain, food, pigment chemical industry and other industries in the early stage. With the continuous improvement of the color sorter technology in China, the ore special color sorting machine is gradually applied to the ore separation field.

Sorting cases:

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