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MINGDE actively promote the sustainable development of mining industry


In many people's eyes, mining or mineral resources seem to have become obsolete, become overcapacity, polluting the environment synonymous.

However, the development of mining industry is Rui Zhe more scientific and technological innovation, the introduction of automated production two to achieve leapfrog development. Division I from a large number of mining enterprises to understand that their success factor is nothing more than the following kinds.

First, the development trend, China's modernization, especially urbanization, will maintain the basic demand for mineral resources in the long run. The promotion of industrialization and urbanization is bound to lead to a large number of non-metallic mining and non-ferrous metals, and even metal ore development, which require energy and mineral raw materials as a support, this stage is the most intensive consumption of mineral resources stage. The growing industrialization and urbanization of emerging countries will sustain strong demand for resources for a considerable period of time.

Second, the relationship between supply and demand, As a "factory of the World", China consumes a large amount of mineral resources every year as raw material and power to produce machinery, equipment and daily necessities for the world. On the contrary, we are also using these resources to use the production of equipment for mining production, the mining industry to provide continuous technology and efficiency. Germany's photoelectric development has been the development of China's mining industry and efforts. And none of this is made of minerals.

Third, scientific development, China's mining industry must make strategic shift as soon as possible, adjust industrial structure, realize industrial upgrading and realize green development. From the new situation of reform and development, energy conservation and environmental protection as well as transformation and innovation become important nodes. For mining enterprises with serious overcapacity and serious pollution, the key is to make strategic turn, adjust industrial structure, realize industrial upgrading and return to rational development state. If the enterprise can not keep up with this trend, the real sense of the industry market reshuffle after the big curtain, will inevitably be eliminated. In other words, our mining enterprises and geological prospecting units should not only become the producer and the guarantor of mineral resources, but also the builders and even the main force of ecological civilization and beautiful China. This is also a new era for mining enterprises and geological prospecting units requirements.

Mineral processing industry as an important part of mining development, in which the impact is quite far-reaching. The use of automatic equipment for ore separation, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, increase enterprise efficiency.MINGDE's research and development of China's first real mineral color sorting machine, as a proof of the sustainable scientific development of mining industry, will verify the development of China's mining industry towards prosperity and the world. The ore color concentrator under MINGDE has been applied by many mining enterprises since its listing. It enjoys good reputation in the industry and has brought many ore enterprises unprecedented achievements.

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