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Ore color sorter, leading the domestic industrial quartz sand market Take-off


Ores color sorter, perhaps a lot of people will feel very unfamiliar. It is the development of color separator has been a derivative for the ore industry, a large sorting machine. Mainly through the photoelectric principle, the ore according to the color sorting, Ore color separator application, improve the product quality, improve the production efficiency, improve the value of raw materials to maximize. For example, the ore color separator on the application of quartz sand, its impact is quite far-reaching.

As we all know, quartz sand is the production material of high grade quartz stone plate. With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for home installation is increasing, the selection of quartz stone plate as a family decoration has gradually become a trend. So people on the requirements of quartz stone also improved, so for the quartz sand manufacturers, improve product quality is necessary.

China is the important raw material production of quartz sand, in recent years the global demand for industrial quartz sand will grow every year, and this trend will not change in the near future. By 2018, China is expected to maintain its position as the leading consumer of industrial quartz sand, accounting for One-third of total global demand.

At the same time, China's vast glass industry, the world's largest, will continue to strengthen doors and windows, electronic display, photovoltaic panels and other flat glass products on the industrial sand consumption. China's glass jar industry (especially liquor bottle) production of the rise, will further promote the sale of quartz sand.

Therefore, now most of the domestic quartz sand manufacturers began to find to improve the sales of quartz sand plan. No doubt, improve the quality of products, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, so as to expand market share, out of China, into the world.

Then, the use of ore color separator is very important, research has shown that the use of large-scale mining equipment is the necessary hard conditions for mining development, to abandon the original working state, so that production automation, this is the progress of the Times, enterprise progress.

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