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Quality supplier of color sorter


Color sorter is a kind of intelligent detection and sorting equipment. According to the difference of the color of the tested material, it is a non-destructive sorting equipment that automatically sorts out the heterogeneous particles in the granular material by photoelectric detection technology. Colour sorter integrates optics, mechanics, electricity, gas and magnetism. It mainly consists of four parts: feeding system, photoelectric system, electronic control system and sorting system.

The industry involves optics, electronic technology, computer software development, automatic control, digital image processing, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition, mechanical design and manufacturing and other disciplines, and belongs to a typical technology-intensive industry.

Photoelectric system is the key part of color sorter. It consists of light source, background board, sensor and other auxiliary equipments. Sensors are the core components, which are mainly divided into two types: traditional sensors (photoelectric tube, silicon photovoltaic cell, etc.) and CCD (or CMOS) sensors. When the light source illuminates the material under test, it will produce different reflective characteristics. The background plate provides the reference signal. Its reflective characteristics are equivalent to the qualified product, but different from the defective product. After that, the light signal is transformed into electrical signal through the sensor and transmitted to the electronic control system.

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