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Quartz processing industry needs to be integrated


With the global economic recession, domestic PV and other fields have overcapacity, oversupply phenomenon, industry competition intensified, in the upstream of the quartz processing industry has been affected. Quartz industry should start from its own to strengthen the industry self-discipline, speed up technological innovation, strengthen the risk management of receivables in order to promote the healthy development of the industry, industry integration trend is obvious.

With the development of science and technology, quartz is not only used in the glass industry, but also for the production of semiconductors, electric light, half-guide communication devices, lasers, optical instruments, laboratory equipment, electrical equipment, medical equipment and high-temperature corrosion-resistant chemical instruments, chemicals, electronics, metallurgy, building materials and national defense industries. It is understood that the current quartz processing enterprises in the market is mainly concentrated in the photovoltaic, optical fiber and semiconductor fields. However, the recent domestic PV market by Europe and the United States a new round of "double reverse" effect, the growth rate of a clear slowdown, corporate capital chain tension, quartz processing enterprises receivable period extended and accompanied by "bad debt" risk, the PV market will enter a new round of adjustment period. Part of the photovoltaic industry in the field of quartz processing enterprises also appear bankruptcy integration phenomenon, more quartz processing small enterprises face development dilemma, industry integration trend is obvious.

HEFEI MINGDE OPTOELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD marketing general manager Meki that "the semiconductor industry ushered in a new round of rapid development of the stage and the rapid growth situation, from the direction of semiconductor development, still to the direction of large-scale high-capacity, with the rapid development of the semiconductor industry, quartz processing products are increasingly stringent requirements, High purity or ultra-high purity quartz products including raw materials urgently need to develop and improve, so, improve the accuracy and quality of quartz separation is very important, and the application of color separator can successfully solve this problem. It calls for the development of quartz enterprises to high-end, to go fine processing, deep-processing routes.

For the technical innovation of quartz processing, most enterprises are aware that quartz processing is a manual technology requires a high industry, human factors, quality management difficulties, product stability is poor, domestic enterprises should strengthen technological innovation, strengthen the supply of raw materials, strengthen the separation of ore technology. Make full use of color sorting machine sorting technology, improve product quality, and continuously to high-end application field development.

At present, the domestic quartz processing enterprises still in the low-end product field of vicious competition, while the high-end quartz field is still in a blank state, called for the development of quartz enterprises to high-end. Science and technology is the first productive force, give full play to the application technology of color separator, solve the separation problem of quartz, improve the quality and precision.

But the quartz industry enterprise also needs to carry on the profession self-discipline, the standard operation, the orderly competition, prohibits the vicious price competition, to the Quartz Processing Enterprise Establishment Alliance possibility carries on the investigation.

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