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Some Problems to Be Noticed in Using Ore Colour Separator


Ore color separator has a magical effect on color separation of high-quality ores. The common marble floors and other stone floors on the market are processed from ores, and the production of such ore materials also requires high-quality and pure quality, which requires the use of ore color separator color separation of high-quality ores to improve ore quality.

In order to improve product quality, a good ore color separator should be selected in the whole ore field. Ore color separator has been widely used in the field of ore. When selecting ore color separator, we should focus on the advanced technical performance of color separator, the reliability of equipment quality and the long-term stability of use. We should consult comprehensively and compare widely.

In the application of ore color separator, the performance may be unstable, which requires frequent maintenance and re-adjustment. This is mostly due to the instability of the optical system composed of the light source, background and imaging system of the color separator, especially on the equipment with simple optical system.

In addition, there are more dust and dust in the application environment, vibration and interference are larger, temperature changes will affect the working status of color sorter, resulting in inaccurate detection signal or control of high-pressure valve opening delay time changes, thus affecting the accuracy of impurity injection action. In addition, the matching degree of process and material problems will have a certain impact on the effect of color separation.

Because of the high price and various reasons, the market of foreign brand color sorter is shrinking day by day, which creates a very good opportunity for our country to break the monopoly of foreign market. With the support of the state and the improvement of technology, the road of our color sorter industry will be wider and wider.

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