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Technical superiority of the Hefei Mingde Optoelectronic ore color sorter


1. Image acquisition system

The use of full-color industrial special lenses, higher resolution, small distortion, depth recognition small and fine ordinary color sorter can not select impurities.

2. Image processing system

High-end full-color line scanning technology, DSP + FPGA cutting-edge processing technology, color and shape combined with a variety of complex patterns algorithm, according to the size of ore particles to provide color separation solutions.

3. Advanced optical system

Low stray light imaging optical path system, can identify low light differences, innovative wide-angle technology, a new type of LED optical system, according to ore sorting material environment changes, automatically adjust the light source.

4. Special feeding system for ores.

In view of the characteristics of large, small, dry and wet ore particles, the caterpillar and vertical conveying methods are adopted to ensure uniform conveying of ore cutting, and the wear-resistant parts which are easy to replace are designed to adapt to the harsh industrial and mining environment.

5. Clean dust removal system.

An automatic dust removal system is added to realize dust removal and protection in all directions. It can be built according to special mineral resources to ensure the stability of sorting effect.

6, custom sorting structure

The crawler and vertical structure are adopted to meet the separation requirements of different particle sizes, reduce repeated crushing and improve economic benefits.

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