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The original influence of the ore color sorter sorting effect factors


For ore color sorter, presumably most miners have long been familiar with. So, the ore color sorter is widely used in the process of mining separation work, whether it can meet the needs of all customers, its sorting effect by which factors determine or influence it, after the long-term use of our micro-view ore color separator customer analysis, for different materials, different enterprises, we summed up some content.

We often say that the ore color separator is a new automation equipment, and some people say that the ore color separator is a "robot", usually, ore color separator mainly by the feeding system, photoelectric system, control system and sorting system composed of four systems. As a kind of automatic equipment for ore separation, weighing four systems and judging its work value mainly depends on the color selection precision, processing quantity, impurity ratio and net selection rate of the ore color sorter.

In the actual production process, these factors are one, the existence of mutual influence, constraints of the relationship, must be inspected at the same time. Shenzhen Sino-Swiss micro-vision developed a new intelligent color CCD ore color separator, the world's leading 53.88 million high-definition pixel CCD configuration of the new smart color color selection equipment, the selection of incoming materials for color image collection and comparison of judgments, precision will be selected materials in the different colors, impurities, etc. automatically sorted out, Effectively improve the quality of selected materials, the value immediately doubled.

Sino-Swiss micro-vision Intelligent COLOR CCD ore color separator is as high as 99%, with a low, high processing volume, compared with the artificial selection of impurities, color sorting machine more efficient, sorting more simple, clean.

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