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Why should we use color sorter for mineral / ore?


                        Why should we use color sorter for mineral ore separating ?

Colour sorter s have been widely used in grains, food and pigment chemical industries. With the improvement of color sorter technology in China, in recent years, color sorters for ores sorting have been developed and put  into market use.

On the one hand, there is no doubt that compared with manual selection, it saves labor, time and efficiency, simplifies mineral processing process and reduces processing costs. According to the particle size analysis of raw ore and preliminary separation test, the color sorter was introduced into the beneficiation process, and the color sortert was used for separation. The discarding rate was increased by nearly 14%, and the grade of qualified ore was increased by 16%.

On the other hand, many ores contain impurities, such as pure barite, which is white and lustrous. Due to the influence of impurities and mixtures, it is often gray, light red, light yellow and so on.

The concentrate with high purity and uniform color can be screened out by grading the ore according to the factors of stable performance, high output and color, which can improve the grade and benefit the rational utilization of resources.

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