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A Minerals Color Sorter May Determine The Distance Between You And Large Mining Enterprises.

       A minerals color sorter may determine the distance between you and large mining enterprises.

At present, non-metallic mines are facing the situation of increasing dilution, with fewer and fewer thick and easy-to-mining bodies, and more and more thin and difficult-to-mining bodies. Not only is mining difficult, but also the mining dilution rate is high, which increases the energy consumption and material consumption of subsequent crushing, grinding and separation processes, resulting in extremely high production costs.

In this context, if the waste rock mixed in can be discarded in time before fine crushing and grinding, it will greatly reduce consumption and improve the economic efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises. Choosing mineral processing equipment is the biggest headache for large mining enterprises.

Commonly used minerals processing methods are:  Manual selection, gravity separation, flotation, magnetic separation, electrostatic separation etc.

But the accuracy and efficiency of these methods are not very good, greatly lowering the ore grade. However, in recent years, the emerging color sorter for the ore industry is a timely rain, greatly improving the ore grade. 

 Hefei Mingde Optoelectronic Technolgy Co.,Ltd. The leading and unique professional manufacturer of color sorter for Mining Ore Sorting  in China. 

 *Remove impurities by color difference from the minerals early in the process for 1mm-50mm by color difference
*Remove impurities for mineral sand with the size rang 0.125mm-1mm
*Less transportation to the processing plant which reduces overall costs.
*Lower processing costs due to little to no filtration.

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