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Analysis And Classification Criteria Of Ore Types

According to its existing form, the deposit can be divided into solid phase, gas phase (such as carbon dioxide gas ore, hydrogen sulfide gas) and liquid phase (such as salt mineral, liquid natural alkali) in three kinds.

Ore according to its attributes to divide, can be divided into metal ores and non-metallic ores two major categories. The metal ores can be divided into precious metal ores according to the different types of metals they contain (gold, silver, platinum, non-ferrous metals ores (copper, lead, zinc, aluminum, magnesium, antimony, tungsten, tin, aluminum, etc.), ferrous metal ores (iron, manganese, chromium, etc.), rare residual ore (tantalum, niobium, etc.) and radioactive ores (uranium, thorium, etc.). According to the number of metal components, the ore can be divided into single metal ores and polymetallic ores.

Metal ores According to the nature of the metal minerals, mineral composition and chemical composition, can be divided into: 

(1) Natural metal ores. This refers to the metal in a single element in the ore deposits, such as gold, silver, platinum, copper and so on.

(2) Oxidized ore. This refers to the minerals in the mineral chemical composition of oxides, carbonate and sulfate ore, such as Hematite Fe2O3, red Zinc ore, ZnO, soft manganese ore MnO2, Red Copper ore CuO, PstrongCO3, such as white ore. Some copper ores and Pb-zn deposits often exist in oxidized ore near the surface of the oxidation zone.

(3) Sulfide ores. This refers to minerals in the mineral chemical composition of sulfide minerals ore, such as Chalcopyrite CuFeS2, Galena pstrongs, Hui mo ore MoS2.

(4) Mixed ore. This means that there are two or more ore mixtures in the ore containing the three minerals mentioned above.

When mining such deposits, consideration should be given to the possibility of split-mining.

China's chemical system mining a variety of salt deposits, these salt minerals have a common feature, is dissolved in water, but the solubility of various minerals is not the same. According to the chemical composition, salt minerals can be divided into chloride salts minerals (such as rock salt, potassium stone salt), sulfate salts minerals (such as gypsum, sodium sulfate), carbonate salts minerals (such as natural alkali), nitrate salts minerals (such as Chile), borate salts minerals (such as boron ore).

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