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Analysis And Treatment Of Common Faults Of Color Sorter

1. Leakage of solenoid valve

Fault cause: dust in valve; damage of solenoid valve.

Treatment: repeated testing of valves; replacement of solenoid valves

2. Solenoid valve does not act.

Cause of failure: contact between plug and socket after valve is bad; spool is broken; color selection plate is damaged.

Processing method: re insert and repair, repair bad contact position; replace solenoid valve; replace color selection board.

3. Small volume of electromagnetic valve.

Fault cause: dust in solenoid valve; low air pressure.

Processing method: electromagnetic valve repeated high frequency test; check pressure gauge and related gas path.

4. Material splash.

Cause of failure: temperature difference between material and material tank is too large; lump of lump dust is lump; scratches in trough.

Processing methods: adjusting the temperature of material trough is basically the same as material temperature; cleaning material trough with soft cloth material; grinding or replacing material trough with fine sand paper

5. Electromagnetic valve moves frequently.

Fault reason: color selection method is not selected; background plate position is not set.

Processing method: select the color selection mode correctly; re adjust the background plate.

6, the whole machine is basically not colored.

Fault reason: sensitivity is too low; solenoid valve power is not open.

Processing method: readjust the sensitivity; open the solenoid valve power supply.

7, the quality of color selection is getting worse.

The cause of the trouble is that there is dust on the glass of the sorting box, and the cleaning machine is not clean.

Treatment: manual dust removal or dust removal with soft cloth; check the dust removal device or replace the rubber strip.

8. The effect of single side separation of the whole machine is poor.

The cause of failure is that the rod cylinder is not well cleaned and the effect of cleaning is poor.

Treatment: adjust the scraper and speed of scraping.

9. Color selector often stops.

Causes of failure: too high sensitivity; inappropriate adjustment of background plate; too high impurity content of raw materials; insufficient supply pressure of color sorter; frequent occurrence of air pressure protection

Processing methods: Re-adjust sensitivity; Re-adjust background plate; Reduce production; Check air pressure; Re-adjust if air passage is too far; Clean or replace filter element to make pipeline smooth.

10, air compressor fault

Fault causes: motor three-phase winding damage; AC contactor damage or poor contact; thermal relay damage or poor contact; 380V power supply phase absence; three-phase voltage imbalance; control switch line damage or abnormal.

Processing methods: replacing motors; repairing or replacing AC contactors; repairing or replacing thermal relays; repairing power supply lines; adjusting transformers to balance three-phase power supply; checking control switches and lines.

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