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Analysis Of Market Competition Trend Of Silicon Ore Industry In China

In recent years, more and more enterprises have invested in mining silicon ore. Xianju Township in the territory of rich silica resources, proven reserves of 50 million tons, silica content ≥ more than 98%, mine quality, mine land, manpower, water and electricity resources rich, convenient transportation, the establishment of superior ore conditions. Dongbao District Silicon Stone factory is expected to project a total investment of 20 million yuan, of which 17.1 million yuan fixed assets investment, liquidity investment of 2.9 million yuan. and estimated investment profit margin of 28%, investment recovery period of 3.5 years. The underground silicon deposits in Dahua County, Guangxi, are more than 200 million tons. According to the introduction, in these silicon ore, silica content of more than 99.5%, up to one product, other impurities such as iron, aluminum, calcium and other elements of the content between the 0.04~0.07%, are within the range of index, the type of ore body simple, large veins, easy to develop, expected investment.

In recent years, China's rapid economic development of the demand for silicon raw materials continue to grow, some foreign large enterprises are optimistic about China's silicon raw materials and silicon products market, have come to invest in China to build factories. These enterprises grasp some of the production and processing technology, the production of products have a certain competitive advantage, no doubt to China's silicon ore production enterprises have brought a certain degree of competition and pressure.

Therefore, China's silicon ore industry market competition will be more intense, with the continuous expansion of silicon ore downstream industries, the silicon ore mining industry, the market space is even greater, but at the same time the rapid development and more new entrants to the company will be more intense. Through systematic analysis, we think that the market of silicon ore industry in China will become more and more fierce in the next few years.

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