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Color Sorter Also Has Requirements For Ore

Photoelectric color sorter is a high-tech product which integrates optoelectronics, electronics and optoelectronics. It uses high-speed and high-sensitivity 2048 Pixel linear CCD as the color and shape sensor of materials, and the data processing architecture of FPGA+DSP to optimize the software and hardware architecture with automatic calibration, such as optical design and efficient image processing algorithm, so that it can achieve the minimum score. Discrimination rate, color selection accuracy. The working principle is that the selected object enters the machine from the feeding hopper at the top of the machine, and the material is evenly distributed to the selected material in the material trough by the vibration of the vibrating device. The material is accelerated down the trough to the sorting room. The color and shape information of the material is acquired by CCD sensor in the sorting room. The CCD camera transmits the data information to the processing of the FPGA+DSP architecture. The processor distinguishes the defective material in the normal material by efficient image processing algorithm, and then blows the defective material into the waste cavity of the receiving hopper by controlling the high frequency solenoid valve device, and the normal material continues to fall into the finished product cavity of the receiving hopper, so as to achieve the purpose of color selection.

Mingde photoelectric color separator for ore materials needs to meet the color difference of materials. CCD color separator equipment can meet the size of 0.06 square millimeter color difference materials for separation, color separation accuracy is very high. Because of the working principle of the color separator at the same time, the size of the ore material should be uniform, and the size, weight should not be too large, overweight, otherwise the solenoid valve can not effectively blow the different color material, resulting in poor color separation effect.

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