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Daily Maintenance Of Color Sorter Can Also Do So.

Maintenance and maintenance of color sorter is what we have been emphasizing, because only when it is well maintained can it be better used. Maintenance and maintenance of color sorter should be done in the following aspects.

1. Check the air compressor, gas storage tank, filter and other parts are in good condition, loosen or not, clean up all parts of the dust and drainage sewage. 2. Clean up the dust of the epithelial (hair) brush of the scraper once a week with a dust-removing air gun; check the smooth operation of the skin (hair) brush once a month, and tighten the loose position if it is loose. If the soft skin (hair) of the skin (hair) brush is dumped to one side for a period of time, the skin (hair) brush can be removed and adjusted up and down to continue to use. 3. If there is dust on the glass inside and outside the sorting room (usually the glass in front of the sorting room), wipe it with clean soft cloth dipped in alcohol, and check whether the dust scraper is running normally. After the glass surface is completely dry and clean, color selection is carried out. 4. The filter device of all pneumatic air supply parts of the filter drainage machine must be diligently drained water (at least twice per shift) to prevent various impurities from entering the core parts of the machine to damage the machine, so as to avoid unnecessary losses. 5. Inspect the inspection signal indication (including work indication, alarm indication) and spray valve action during operation; 6. Clean the vibrator (especially the condensate material in the vibrator bucket), the inner part of the body, the hopper and the dust brush with air gun after the shutdown of work.

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