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Detailed Explanation Of How To Select Powder Ore Color Sorter

In recent two years, under the pressure of the big environmental protection policy, many mining enterprises have been in a white-hot stage of competition. Only by deep processing and finishing of ore products and seeking for quality products is the way out. Under this premise, the powder ore color sorter arises at the historic moment. Most of the powder ore color separators on the market are chute-type structures, which are widely used in 26-120 mesh powder color separation because of their simple structure, less land occupation and low cost. However, various problems often arise in the actual operation process. Here we will learn how to select the powder ore color separators from the four systems.

1. Feeding system

The feeding system consists of three parts: hopper, vibrator and chute. The most important part is the selection of chute. Now most of the color sorters on the market still use hard aluminium alloy material to make chute. In actual production, at the beginning, they can be sorted once or twice to clean up the heterogeneous particles. After two or three days of operation, the color sorter usually has no color sorting four or five times. The method meets the requirements, and then only opens the machine to replace the chute, resulting in a replacement cost of tens of thousands of yuan and dust pollution of internal components caused by opening the machine, thus increasing the use cost. When choosing the chute powder ore color separator, we must ask the manufacturer what material the chute is made of. Can we ensure that the wear of the chute can be controlled, reduce the frequency of replacement of the chute, and improve the service life of the color separator?

Two. Photoelectric system

The photoelectric system consists of light source, background plate and sensors. The light source and camera are the eyes of the color selection robot. The higher the resolution of the camera, the more accurate the judgment of the material. The higher the accuracy of the color selection is, the higher the accuracy of the color selection is allowed by the electronic control system. So when you choose the powder ore color separator, you should ask the resolution of the camera of the manufacturer and the light source used.

Three. Electronic control system

The electronic control system is composed of signal conditioning components, timing components and microcomputer control devices. The electronic control system is the brain of the color sorting robot, which is responsible for the unified analysis and transformation of the material situation seen by both eyes, and issuing instructions to the sorting system for accurate sorting. Software system is the key to determine the throughput of color sorter. The speed of software operation is not enough and the processing speed can not keep up with it, which will cause the problem that the output of the color sorter is reduced or the output of the color sorter is improved. When choosing the powder ore color separator, we should ask whether the software is independently developed and whether the operation accuracy and speed meet the requirements of the material itself.

Four. Sorting system

The sorting system is mainly made up of finished products, defective grooves, injection valves and gas sources. The sorting system is the hands of the color sorting robot. After receiving the instructions from the brain, the sorting system instructs the hands (jet valves) to blow the defective products into the defective grooves to achieve sorting effect. In the large-scale operation of color separator for separating powder materials, more than hundreds of thousands of materials are processed per second. Therefore, the requirement for the durability and accuracy of the jet valve is very high. Insufficient durability will cause a large number of damage to the jet valve and increase the operation cost. Insufficient accuracy will cause uncontrollable substitution ratio of materials in the separation process. Waste a lot and increase production costs. When choosing powder ore color separator, we should see whether the spray valve is a six-in-one or nine-in-one injection valve or a single alloy valve. In mass production, the damage of the spray valve is burned out under overload. The durability, cost consideration and convenience of replacement of the injection valve are far inferior to that of the alloy valve.

The above is just to explain how to select the powder ore color separator through the four systems of the color separator itself. In a word, if you want to select a useful equipment, you must look at the equipment structure, listen to theoretical analysis, do experimental analysis, and visit the user's site for analysis.

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