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Development Prospect Of Stone Industry In China

                                     Development prospect of stone industry in China


Stone industry is one of the traditional industries in the world. After cutting, polishing and modeling, stone is widely used in interior and exterior decoration of all kinds of buildings. Stone, as a kind of building material product, occupies a considerable proportion in the global building material output value, and this proportion will continue to expand in the next 10 to 15 years. China's stone industry has maintained rapid growth for eight consecutive years, accounting for nearly 20% of the global stone processing and production since it became the world's largest stone producer, exporter and consumer in 2005.


How about the future development prospects of the stone industry, the "Manufacturing 2025" published by the state has pointed out the direction for the transformation and upgrading of the stone industry. First is the requirement of industry innovation, including product innovation and integrated innovation.

From the current stone industry, a large number of enterprises in the industrial value chain division of labor, only in the production and processing stage. A large number of products are stone slabs, intermediate products, the ultimate application of decorative engineering companies for secondary processing. Secondly, we should strengthen the integration of two technologies and promote intelligent manufacturing. At present, stone industry is only mechanized, intelligent, intelligent and networked. Flexible manufacturing, demand oriented is the development trend of stone industry in the future.

With the strengthening of ecological environment protection and the increasing demand for resource conservation and protection in China, the green development and sustainable development of stone industry have become the only way for industrial development. In recent years, the development of stone raw materials in various regions under the environment of ecological environment protection, the requirements for raw materials processing are also increasingly high, so, as the raw material end of stone, many mining enterprises in the exploration of development, the use of automated equipment for raw materials processing, the use of science and technology to open up the rapid development of raw materials finishing.

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