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Double Tracked Ore Color Sorter Series

I. core technology

(1). New LED light source system

Intelligent LED optical system design is adopted. Intelligent light control can flexibly change the color of background lamp, and concentrator device is used to prevent LED astigmatism.

(2). Feed conveying system

In view of the characteristics of large, small, dry and wet ore particles, a slow, fast and free falling conveying mode is adopted to ensure the uniform conveying of cutting materials.

(3). Image acquisition system

High-definition full-color remote special lens is used to achieve the comprehensive acquisition of material (RGB) red, green and blue color information, and to identify in depth the impurities that can not be selected by the ordinary color sorter which is small and fine.

(4). Image processing system

High-end full-color line scanning technology, advanced processing technology of DSP + FPGA, CCD to 5400 points X10K scanning capture, color and shape combined with a variety of modes of intelligent complex algorithm, for different ore materials to provide a "color separation + shape selection + penetration" solution.

(5). Solenoid valve

The special solenoid valve for ore is adopted with high frequency, precise color separation, high efficiency and energy saving, and intelligent selection for different sizes of ore particles.

(6). Cloud link system

Independent cloud control, cloud computing technology, online operation, online monitoring, online services, free upgrade.

(7), custom sorting structure

For different ore separation requirements, a combination of single-layer double-layer, single-view double-view and other types of machines is introduced, in which the double-layer structure can realize material separation at the upper level and re-separation at the lower level, and the color separation accuracy is higher.

8. Automatic dust cleaning system

An automatic dust removal and automatic sprinkling cleaning system is added. It can be built according to special mineral resources to ensure the stability of sorting effect.

Two, functional characteristics:

1, solve the problem of separation of dry ores under harsh conditions such as high dust, high pollution and high corrosion.

2, the range of selection ranges from 4 cm to 26 mesh size.

Three. Scope of application:

Non-metallic minerals: 

potassium feldspar, quartz, talc, phosphate rock, calcite, dolomite, andalusite, fluorite, vermiculite, mica, bentonite, kaolin, barite, feldspar, quartz, calcium carbonate, cobble, cryolite, garnet, limestone, manganese ore, etc.

Black ore: monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon

Colored ores: copper, antimony, mercury, lead, zinc, tin, nickel, magnesium, cobalt, aluminum, bismuth and silica.

Precious metals: gold, silver, zirconium, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum and niobium.

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