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Why Is The Famous Mingder Brand Mineral Color Sorter So Excellent ?

When the domestic color sorter enterprises have returned in the field of ore separation, Mingde's products with the highest price in China and not flexible sales strategy, quickly established a good reputation in the market, set off a revolution in ore separation, so what is the strength of Mingder?

First, strong in concept, strong in products.

Many early food color sorter enterprises did not analyze the difference between minerals and plastics, grain and other foods, directly using food color sorter and food color sorter to concentrate. It is possible to start the test, but it can not be mass-produced, the equipment to the site is only a few days, the length of more than a dozen days without exception will appear Reduction of sorting accuracy, production decline, until the machine can not be used. After these problems appear, these enterprises often take measures of partial maintenance and improvement to solve the problem.

At the 2014 Mingder product conference, Mr. Xiao , the general manager of Mingde, put forward the idea of "building a truly usable mineral color sorter in China with the spirit of craftsmen" according to the standards of "easy to use, durable and easy to maintain" which has led the company's product development direction in recent years. Abandoning the original food color sorter model, redeveloping the design software, optical path and structure completely solved the applicability of color sorter in ore and long-term use of durability problems. The concept of "design and use different models for different mineral materials" put forward in 2015 puts forward specific requirements for the future development direction of the company's products, so that the company's product research and development further towards the direction of differentiation and meticulousness.

Two, strong in focus, strong in professional.

At present, Mingde is the only enterprise focusing on the color sorter of mining ores in China, while other color sorter manufacturers in China are mainly focus on food color sorter, with just one simple model of color sorter for ores.  Mingde not only refines its own products, but also studies various ores and their production lines. It combines color separators with ores, and integrates color separation technology into the processing line of ore concentrate. Because of concentration, it's professional. At present, the company has formed a product system consisting of more than ten types of "dry, wet, powder" materials and "large, medium and small" specifications according to the characteristics of ore products, to ensure that each mining enterprise can choose its own ore color sorting machine in Mingde.

Three, strong in integrity, dare to shoulder responsibilities.

Mingde takes "Promoting the progress of mineral separation in our country, making the mineral color sorter that China can really use" as the enterprise vision, and holds the concept of "doing something, not committing, promising to do something", so that every customer who uses our products can get the greatest benefit from using our products. In order to ensure the realization of this goal, we not only let our customers fully understand our products, but also put forward our requirements on the site should have the use of the environment and supporting measures, on-site production conditions caused by changes in the machine is not applicable, and so on, the introduction of the zero-risk machine purchase policy has won the praise of customers. For example, a calcium carbonate factory in Hubei originally purchased a dry material color sorter, but later production process changes to produce wet material, we often carry out product modifications for customers to ensure the normal use of users.

At present, China's economy is in a historical period of economic growth decline and industrial restructuring. Mining sorting has also entered a critical period of changing the original process and technology, adopting new equipment and technology, doing ore deep processing and improving efficiency. Mingder will also base themselves on ore separation to guard against impetuosity, steadfastness and diligence. The wind will contribute to the progress of ore sorting technology in China.

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