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Hefei Ming De Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Recommends Mineral Color Sorter.

Core technologies:

(1) color high resolution CCD image acquisition system

The imported high-end 2048 PIXELS CCD chip is equipped with well-known international top-level lens, which can recognize very tiny spots below 0.04mm, more scientific and reasonable optical design, combined with optimized intelligent algorithm, distinguish yellowish more clearly, identify areas more widely, and color selection accuracy is higher.

(2) light source - high quality

It adopts imported LED lamps, with stable brightness, very small light attenuation and almost zero attenuation, excellent heat dissipation effect, maximum working temperature not exceeding 60 C, long service life, continuous work can be used for more than 30,000 hours, intermittent work can be used for more than 50,000 hours;

(3) unique slot configuration

The special anodizing technology can ensure the output and achieve the international first-class level.

(4) feeding system

The open vibration coil ensures the heat dissipation, the large size base balances the feeding and improves the output of the single channel.

(5) super processing power of DSP+FPGA chip

The perfect combination of DSP and FPGA hardware system achieves powerful computing ability, which is enough to deal with all kinds of super-large and super-fast data operations and become the super brain of color sorter.

(6) high quality solenoid valve

The service life of the solenoid valve, which is more than one billion times suitable for the Chinese market, is now selected by several famous enterprises in the domestic color sorter industry.

(7) flexible mode and wide application scope.

For different materials, the corresponding optimal working mode is designed, and a machine is used to realize the color separation of different materials.

(8) operating system simple and easy to operate

Professional manufacturers provide touch screen, friendly man-machine interface, clear operation menu, simple settings, so that customers can quickly grasp the various performance of color sorter.

With high quality service and advanced technology, Mingde Optoelectronics in Hefei has won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad. It is precisely with high quality products and perfect after-sales service that makes our road wider and wider.

Pre-sale: We provide detailed product consultation services, including product price, performance, and related technical parameters, to provide you with a more convenient color selection program.

Sales: After the contract agreement, we provide free platform design drawings and related installation conditions of various accessories, as well as problems needing attention, and provide a variety of free consulting services.

After-sales: We provide debugging services for customers free of charge, while providing detailed training for customers. Until you are satisfied, we will establish a complete customer file, visit regularly, and input each service into the customer management system to ensure that your equipment is in the best condition at all times.

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