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How Much Is The Color Sorter? Several Factors That The Manufacturer Needs To Know

For the price of color sorter, many manufacturers are not easy to quote a price, which leads to many manufacturers in the purchase of color sorter wavering, high quality price, low price and fear of poor quality, conflicting mentality. Next, I will explain the factors that affect the price of color sorter.

How much the color sorter costs has several effects:

(1) The type of material selected. Sino-Swiss micro vision color sorter is not only used in agriculture, but also in industry. It used to be a high-quality grain sorter. Now it is involved in plastics, minerals, Buddha beads, jewelry, flowers, seafood and so on. Therefore, the price of color sorter of different products is different.

(2) Model of color sorter. In the process of involvement, China-Switzerland micro-vision manufacturer designs different types of color sorters according to the amount of material output selected by customers, mainly named by the number of channels and the name of materials. There are single channel, double channel, four channel, six channel, nine channel, etc. The more channels, the larger the color sorting output and the higher the price.

(3) Not all color sorters meet the requirements, so there are customized color sorters. These color sorters are specially made according to the requirements of customers, and the cost must be higher.

If you buy something and compare it with three others, you are not afraid of not knowing the goods, but afraid of comparing the goods with the goods. How much is the color sorter? It should be technology and color sorting effect that you buy the color sorter. Needless to say, Mingde Photoelectric Colour Separator is a manufacturer of high-tech Colour Separator. The Colour Separator manufactured by Mingde Photoelectric Colour Separator is strictly controlled to ensure customer satisfaction.

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