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How To Choose A Good Ore Color Sorter ?

How to choose a good ore color sorter?


In the past two years, the development of the ore industry has found a breakthrough and has entered the stage of white-hot competition. Many mining enterprises carry out deep processing and finishing of products to improve the quality of ore for export. So, how to choose a good ore color sorter? We have collected the experience of the vast number of mining enterprises and combined with the equipment analysis experience of the ore color sorter manufacturers. We believe that there are mainly the following points:


Look at equipment analysis


First of all, we have to look at the shape of the equipment, if it is used to concentrate food grain color sorter can be concluded that basically impracticable, the use of grain machine or grain machine modification machine to the scene is basically unable to operate, or even machine paralysis.


All the color sorter manufacturers do experiments when the effect is considerable, but when applied to production can quickly distinguish the use of the machine, if the grain machine or the modified machine in the application of ore production site, there will be serious damage to the chute, optical damage, long-term accumulation of deformation and other problems. In short, as a "victim" of using grain color sorter for mineral processing, I would like to advise you that grain color sorter can not really be used for mineral processing, and suggest that you do not buy. And the real mine ore color sorter, we can see that it can be used for a long time and can continue to export a stable "labor force" for mining enterprises.


Auditory theory analysis


Secondly, to listen to the theoretical analysis of manufacturers, color sorter is an optical, mechanical and electrical equipment, there is no room for change after the scene, with the replacement of spare parts to compensate for design defects is not desirable, because in such a frequent process of replacement, will produce sorting effect decline, time-limited decline, users can not generally be more. In addition, manufacturers need to replace them. The cost is high and the continuity of production is broken.


Test analysis


The test is the initial judgment of selecting the ore color sorter. Choosing a good ore color sorter is, of course, the test effect reaches the ideal standard and meets the production requirements of the mining enterprises themselves. In order to know more about the analysis of ore color separator, we suggest that the majority of mining enterprises had better mail their products to the manufacturers or personally to the manufacturers to investigate, so that their materials on-site experience of the effect of ore separation, so that more intuitive, more clear.


Experimental analysis is not only to see the eyes, but also to understand the structure of the equipment, software, performance and practicality, of which the most important practicality must be the concern of the majority of mining enterprises. Every manufacturer can do the experiment, after all, is a small amount of mineral, can not represent the use of the effect and practicality of the machine, so it is recommended that the majority of mining enterprises to have used ore color separator manufacturers to investigate.


Field analysis


After understanding the ore color sorter and testing the material, we are sure to be full of confidence and hope for the ore color sorter. If you are still in doubt, you can go to the customers who have already used the color sorter for reference and inspection under the permission of the ore color separator manufacturer. The premise is to use the color sorting machine for more than three months and still mass production of the factory, because the use of the equipment in a short time is not convincing.


We encourage and suggest that you visit and investigate. It is only true that you see with your own eyes. And can draw lessons from the use of ore color separator manufacturers experience, these experience can be used in their own mining enterprises to maximize the use of value.


In short, choosing a good ore sorter is the prerequisite for the development of our ore industry. Must choose a good ore color sorting machine, a strong practical ore color sorter, a can bring benefits and value of ore color separator. Avoid price and manufacturers preferential policy traps, we suggest that we must be careful to consider, careful inspection, careful choice

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