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How To Choose Ore Color Sorter ?

Usually, the ore color sorter according to its function machine structure and so on, divides into the feeding system, the illumination and the detection system, the information processing system, the separation execution system and so on 4 parts constitute. Its performance is stable or not, directly affects the user's production and benefit.

The work index of color sorter mainly has three aspects: processing quantity, sorting accuracy, bringing out ratio.

In the daily production of these three indicators are one, integral, are key indicators, must be inspected at the same time.

The amount of processing, that is, the number of items that can be processed per hour. The factors that affect the size of the processing volume in addition to the color separator identification System configuration and structure of different, there is an important factor is the specification. At the same time, the amount of treatment is closely related to the proportion of the raw material and the impurities, as well as the required selection accuracy.

The selection rate refers to the percentage of impurities in the total amount of impurity selected from the unprocessed, also known as color selection accuracy. The main factors that affect the selection rate are the flow rate and the model of the color-selecting machine, which is the performance.

Generally speaking, the use of CCD is higher than the mode of silicon photovoltaic cells, the use of a check structure is better than the single selection structure.

The selection rate of the check color separator with CCD sensor technology can reach more than 99%, while the ordinary color separator with traditional sensor is difficult to achieve the calibration index in actual production. In addition, the selection rate is also affected by the higher than the high or low.

The ratio of the number of impurities in the waste material selected by the color separator is compared with the normal rice or wheat grains. With the high and low ratio can be set, generally for 1:3~1:5 or so. If the higher than set, will affect the election rate and processing volume of these two indicators; if set too low, will cause waste, if reprocessing, need to put a certain amount of manpower and material resources, will cause a lot of trouble and economic losses.

In addition, equipment failure rate, after-sales service, price, etc. should be selected ore color selection should be considered factors.

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