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How To Choose The Best Ore Color Sorter?

The application of color separator in ore dressing has been a bright spot. The selection of color separator should consider the dry and wet condition of ore, the size of ore particles and so on. Mingde optoelectronic collector has successfully developed a color separator for dry ore dressing and a color separator for water ore dressing. Welcome to understand.

Color sorter is a new type of machine which uses the optical and chromatic characteristics of materials to nondestructively detect defective products and impurities from materials with abnormal colors or surface defects, and automatically sorting and removing them. It integrates the new technologies of electronics and biology, and is a typical high-tech equipment of optical, mechanical and electrical integration. At present, the domestic color sorter market is mainly made of japan, korea, Italy and other countries, most of which are photocell color sorters, and the quantity is CCD color sorter. Therefore, the author carries on the experimental research to the color sorter sorting control system with the CCD as the detection element. The sorting control system is mainly divided into two parts: the CCD detection system and the sorting system. This system greatly improves the resolution and accuracy of signal processing.

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