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Is The Color Sorter Expensive? How Should The Merchants Choose It?

The era of artificial screening has passed. In the era of the explosion of science and technology, it is the general trend that machinery replaces artificial intelligence screening. It not only improves the efficiency of work, but also plays a certain role in promoting the development of social economy. The appearance of color sorter solves the quality problem of product screening, and the price of color sorter is constantly updating. So how should the merchants choose? What is a color sorter? Color sorter - an intelligent color sorter with eyes! According to the difference of optical properties of materials, the equipment of automatic sorting of the heterochromatic particles in particulate materials by photoelectric detection technology is introduced.

Influencing factors of color sorter price:

(1) Types of materials. Agricultural products are numerous, taking grain and cereals as the first. Rice, peanuts, tea, wolfberry and so on are all popular products on the market. Purchase of color sorter for agricultural products, the specific situation needs to be inquired and understood on the official website of color sorter company and telephone consultation.

(2) The model of the product. According to the needs of customer processing plants, we can provide customers with different types of color sorter selection, but also customized, small to single channel color sorter, large to 10 channel color sorter, the larger the channel, the higher the price, you have the choice to buy the bill.

(3) Material output. If you are a small processing plant, it is recommended to buy a small color sorter, 0.7-1.2 (t/h), which can basically meet your needs; if you are a neutral or large processing plant, it is recommended to select the type of color sorter according to your production requirements, such as six-channel, nine-channel and ten-channel.

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