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Mineral Ore Color Sorter, Let You Say Goodbye To The Traditional Mineral Processing Method

       Mineral ore color sorter, let you say goodbye to the traditional mineral processing method


with first-class technology and years of research and development experience in color sorterr, has developed a color sorterr for mining ore by combining color sorter technology with practical application, which can select a variety of industrial ores with good results. Industrial ores are widely used and of high value. After sorting, the purity and quality of ores increased instantly, and their value doubled rapidly.

Mingde's belt -type ore color sorteror caters to the needs of the majority of customers for ore separation. 24-bit full-color high-speed industrial camera is used to collect, for the existence of abnormal colored materials in the ore, high-resolution can be achieved, according to customer requirements, all unwanted bad materials are removed. Computer control is simpler and quicker. The whole color sorting process only requires feeding, computer debugging, and then you can see the effect of color sorter.

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