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Ore Color Sorter Of Feldspar How To Choose The Long Stone Article?

According to different types and properties of feldspar deposits, different beneficiation methods are adopted. Before the general is the hand after the crushing, grinding, and then using magnetic separation iron ore removal. This kind of sorting method because of high cost, inefficient and can not be used on a large scale has been criticized by the general long stone sorting enterprises.

In recent years, with the reduction of feldspar ore, the quality of decline, the quality of the product requirements continue to improve, as well as the development of comprehensive recovery of mines, the introduction of the technology increasingly perfect color sorting equipment for sorting operations, so as to remove quartz, mica, iron and titanium and other associated minerals.

Our company (HEFEI MINGDE OPTOELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD) after years of development, research and production of ore sorting for the ore color separator also large-scale application of Yuchang sorting operations. For the separation of Yuchang, we identify and analyze the color of feldspar by photoelectric principle, and then make sorting. This kind of separation improves the product quality and production efficiency, and realizes the maximum benefit of the ore itself.

After research and the use of the vast number of mining enterprises proved that the separation of feldspar and the entire ore industry will be selected by the ore color separator to produce, this is the industry's progress, but also the progress of the times, is the trend of ore development. The road of fine processing and deep processing has come, and the use of automatic equipment sorting is imminent. Germany photoelectric Welcome to the vast number of mine enterprises to visit our company.

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