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Ore Color Sorter Series

Applicable materials: suitable for all kinds of ore color sorting. 

According to the dry and wet materials , they are divided into dry ore color sorter and wet material ore color sorter. According to the size of material, it is divided into granular ore color sorter and mineral sand color sorter,. According to the different materials, there are quartz sand color sorting machine, potassium feldspar color sorter, barite color sorter,, calcite color sorter machine, salt color sorting machine, manganese ore color sorting machine, coal (slag) mineral color separator, calcium carbonate color selection machine, rare earth mineral color sorting machine, tungsten mineral color sorting machine, phosphate mineral color sorting machine, etc.


1. Industrial-grade enclosed machine structure with imported main accessories, can adapt to the Industrial-ore environment with high dust, high pollution, high corrosion, so that application is wider with longer life.

2. Adopt 32 bit true color image processing method, and applied the mathematical morphology based on HSI color space, so as to achieve better separation effect, to improve the ability to color machine flexibility and sorting operation.

3.High precision full-color plane array CCD sensor technology, can detect the subtle color difference in 0.02mm2 according to the different characteristics of the ore,by using the unique image processing method, to ensure the accuracy of the sorting materials such as ore identification.


4.Software adopts unique algorithm, a fast calculation speed, high output, part of the aircraft production has exceeded 40 tons/hour.4 to 5 times that of similar domestic manufacturers, which can fully match the mine manufacturers with the requirements on high capacity and high accuracy.

5. Wider range of optional materials, sorting materials from 40 mesh size to 10 cm, to avoid limited availble sorting colors with repeatedly broken, reduced the breakage, reduce resource waste.


6. Double layer flexible conveying, color sorting higher precision,low carryout.Conveyor belt is made with special institutions, and wear-resisting, corrosion resistance.

7. The world's first developed  manufacturer,can sort the materials with much difference on one color sorter machine one time..

8. Vibration feeding part and equipment main body part adopt the split type structure to protect the machine body from the feeding vabration, to ensure the equipment to operate more stably.

9. Unique modular design of automatic dust removal combined with automatic spray from the maintenance function, ensure the equipment continuous working condition for a long time.

10. Body parts contacting with materials are equipped with a protective layer, the protective layer is characterised with wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, easy to change, to ensure that the service life of the machine for a long time.

Sorting Cases:


Product parameters



整机功率Power (kW)

气源压力Air Pressure (Mpa)


色选精度Sorting accuracy (%)

最优带出比Optimized carryover




外形尺寸Dimension (L×W×H:mm)

























Note: 1、d: The dimension(mm) of the sorting material

        2, The above data is worked out base on Cobblestone with 5% impurity, it may vary according to different materials and different impurities percentage etc.

Company Profile:

Hefei Mingde Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, production and sales of intelligent color sorting equipment.The company is located in the Shuangfeng Development Zone, Hefei, China. It has a 40-acre R&D industrial park with a standard structure of 20,000 square meters and a research center.

Relying on the top colleges and universities such as Tsinghua and University of Science and Technology of China, the technology research and development center ,Hefei Mingde Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. has a high quality development team at the core of a compound expert new talent in the field of optoelectronic technology.The product development takes the customer satisfaction as the goal, takes the product applicability as the scale, and based on the operation intelligentize, successfully developed the first special ore color sorting  machine in China,and has introduced the famous brand “Mingder”ore color sorting equipment with the complete independent intellectual property. Hefei Mingde Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd  has become a benchmark enterprise in the field of ore color sorter in China, leading the development direction of ore color sorting technology. The company's products have been widely used in potash feldspar, barite, quartz sand, calcite, tungsten,calcium carbonate,limestone and other mineral material color sorting.

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