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Ore Sorter Opens Up A New Chapter In The Rapid Development Of China's Mining Industry

In 2015, it was a half year for ore mines. With China's economy entering a new normal and the impact of imported ore, many domestic mining companies in recent two years feel pressure, most of their operators are walking on thin ice, work dare not start. However, with the development and production of domestic large-scale machinery, especially the mature use of ore color separators, China's mining industry has shown a recovery state, full development and occupation of imported ore in the domestic market.

For domestic mining enterprises, the most difficult thing to overcome is the cost and quality. Relevant person in charge of China Metallurgical Mining Enterprise Association said that due to the increasing depth of mining in China, the transfer of some mines from open pit to underground mining, the high proportion of extremely poor and refractory ores, the rising cost of labor and safety and environmental protection, the development trend of mine production cost in the future is rigid cost. Upward trend, controllable cost decline is more and more difficult.

Then, how to reduce costs and improve the quality, in the final analysis, the mining development technology of China's poor and lack of large-scale mining equipment support.

Ore color sorter, the lucky star of China's mining industry. Ore color separator is a large-scale mining technology equipment which uses photoelectric principle to separate raw ore by color distinction. Its application not only solves the technical shortage and quality problems of operators, but also greatly improves the output of ore, thus reducing the cost of ore. It can be said that the above problems are solved head on.

At present, there are only a few R&D factories of ore color separators in China, most of which are concentrated in Hefei, Anhui Province, the four major science and education cities in China. But there are also some related problems, for example, most of the so-called R & D and production of ore color separators are based on the transformation of grain color separators, can not really meet the mass production of ore, but also limited the separation of some ore materials. In view of this problem, Hefei Mingde optoelectronic constantly pursue improvement, through the unremitting efforts of production and research personnel, successfully developed the most advanced domestic ore color separator, becoming the only domestic professional mining color separator manufacturer.

In short, the introduction of ore color separator, and the continuous development of mining production technology, ore development in China is quite important. It can not only solve the dilemma of domestic ore, but also open a new chapter in the rapid development of China's mining industry. Make domestic ores have a strong impact on imported ores, get rid of their dependence, truly realize the new revolution of domestic ores, out of China, to the world! In this regard, ore color separators should spare no effort to develop and produce more possible areas, fully support the development of domestic ores, and become a new chapter in the development of China's mining industry booster.

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