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Problems Needing Attention In The Application Of Ore Color Sorter

In response to market changes, China's color selection machine development is also constantly advancing. Various enterprises have carried out extensive and continuous research on color sorter. From photoelectric (analog) technology to CCD (digital) technology, to intelligent color sorter cloud technology and Internet of Things technology research and application, color sorter technology and application has been constantly updated.

In the application of ore color separator, the instability of performance may be encountered, which requires frequent maintenance and re-debugging. This is mostly due to the instability of the optical system composed of light source, background and imaging system of the color separator, especially on the equipment with simple optical system.

In addition, there are more dust and dust in the application environment, vibration and interference are also greater, temperature changes will affect the working state of color sorter, resulting in inaccurate detection signal or control of high-pressure valve opening delay time changes, thus affecting the accuracy of impurity injection action. In addition, the matching degree and material problems will affect the color selection effect.

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