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The Future Of The Ore Color Sorting Confidential How To Do?

In the whole ore field, want to improve the quality of products should choose a good ore color separator. Ore color separator has been widely used in the field of ore, but most of the ore color separator is based on the former Grain color selection machine transformation. Overall, in the selection of Ore color selector, the emphasis should be placed on the advancement of the technical performance of color separator, the reliability of equipment quality and the long-term stability of use, should be comprehensively consulted, widely compared.

Color sorting machine industry on the basis of independent innovation, need to be in the following several aspects of breakthrough:

(1) The application of the new light source and the application of the mixed light source; develop better spray valve, increase productivity while reducing the yield ratio, adapt to more product color selection, increase the CCD color separator signal processing and control technology research, solve the CCD color separator randomness, multi-channel and other problems.

(2) The application of new high speed and super large microprocessor, embedding more recognition algorithm to improve the practicability of the system.

(3) "Internet +" as a tool, vigorously improve the large data cloud system platform construction, equipped with fault diagnosis and Internet communication functions, in the case of failure can be real-time to the enterprise after-sales service front desk for help, request to be technical guidance.

The realization of intelligent color selection and remote intelligence, through scientific and effective analysis of the customer to bring unlimited value-added business news.

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