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Why Use Color Sorter For Ore

Ore color separator is mainly the use of qualified ores and waste stone or to separate minerals between different color materials reflected light waves of different frequencies or wavelength for separation, sorting. On the one hand, there is no doubt that compared with the manual selection, the provincial, time-saving and efficient, simplifying the beneficiation process and reducing the processing costs. Some studies have analyzed the grain size of the original ores, selection of the preliminary test, the color selection machine to the beneficiation process, the results show that the mine direct economic benefits to reduce labor costs of about 1.8 million yuan/year, indirect economic benefits to reduce the processing costs of 2.298 million yuan/year, the use of color separator for sorting, waste reduction rate increased by nearly 14%, The qualified ore grade was increased by 16%.

2015, a company in Guangxi for the first time introduced a German nonferrous metal color sorting machine, the corresponding qualified ore grade estimated to increase about 13%, scrap rate than the original increase of about 10%. On the other hand, many ores contain impurities, such as pure barite white, shiny, because of impurities and the impact of the mixture is often gray, light red, light yellow and so on. Ore Color separator work stability, high yield, according to color and other factors on the classification of ores, can be screened out of high purity, uniform color of the concentrate, improve the grade, at the same time conducive to the rational use of resources.

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